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Unlimited WIFI Hotspot Internet

Article on Unlimited WIFI Hotspot Internet
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Mobile wireless internet is a comparable alternative to wired home internet from cable or telephone providers. Accessible through a WIFI hotspot device that you can connect to while you are home, work or on the go. Cellular internet is a different type of internet connection that is delivered via your cellular carrier.

What is a WIFI Hotspot?

A WIFI Hotspot is any area where persons can connect their device to the internet, usually via a wireless network, through the use of access points or a hotspot router.

Types of WIFI Networks

  • Public – despite being public, this is not always free. Over the last few years, there has been a growing demand for public Wi-Fi Hotspot service, particularly in the retail sector, cafes and hotels to attract customers and increase profitability.
  • Mobile – As stated earlier, smartphones are built with Wi-Fi hotspot capability and to access the service.
  • Prepaid Home WIFI Internet – This is similar to Mobile Hotspot service, but the advantages are that there is no long-term contractual arrangement, and you will have greater control of your expenses as the service is based on pre-set limits.

How Do WIFI Hotspots Work?

WIFI Hotspots work by giving you access to the internet via a Network where you can connect your smartphone, laptop, Home PC or tablet.

Limited vs Unlimited WIFI Hotspot Plans

Most providers have placed a cap on the amount of data a customer can consume. Once this is exceeded, there is an additional charge. Unlike the capped internet, the uncapped internet allows the customer unlimited data use.

Tell Me about WIFI Hotspot Internet Service

WIFI Hotspot Internet Service is simply connecting your device, mainly smartphones, tablets, laptops, to a portable hotspot router. This service is wireless and has all the same capabilities & high-speed internet access as any wired cable or telephone service provider.


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