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Advantages of Home 4G LTE and 5G Internet

Article on Advantages of Home 4G LTE and 5G Internet
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When discussing the advantages of home 4G LTE and 5G internet we must first understand the history of cellular internet technology. In this article we start from the point that the fourth generation of wireless technology known as 4G technology was introduced to the world in 2009. In comparison to 3G, it revolutionized how home consumers & businesses alike, could conduct communicate and surf the web. As it facilitated much faster downloading and uploading speeds, smoother streaming of videos and movies, etc. The acronym “LTE” means Long Term Evolution and is now the standard with all 4G LTE devices and was considered an upgrade from the original 4G tech.

The fifth generation, 5G technology was rolled out in 2019 on a phased basis, focusing on cities with high population density and 4G infrastructure. The major advantages of this application are (i) the high speed of downloading and uploading transmissions (ii) capability for increased connectivity to a greater number of devices as it carries more channels (iii) having a lower latency allows improved response times to applications, just to name a few. Despite 5G having improved technology, there has been slow acceptance given the controversy associated with Chinese suppliers/vendors, security and health concerns.

What Is Wireless Home Internet?

Wireless Home Internet is a wireless cellular internet service installed in your home or office with a hardware comprising mainly of a WIFI hotspot router device.

Since 2019, network carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have been increasing their service to include home internet, LTE and 5G network for customers who are interested, and for whom service is available to their area. Due to the mass expansion being undertaken by the network carriers, it is highly recommended that you check with the carrier to verify availability of service in your area. Town Broadband offers wireless home internet though our partners at Verizon & AT&T. Which between the two, cover 99% of the U.S. mainland.

4G and 5G Home Internet Advantages

The 4G Home Internet is built on a trusted 4G technology that has been widely used since it was introduced in 2009. It was the game changer for what many of us take for granted today, such as increased bandwidth and much faster internet speeds facilitating HD streaming, complex gaming, social media, interactive apps such as Uber, etc.

With the roll out of the latest wireless 5G technology in 2019, offering much faster speeds resulting in time saving being the major difference, network carriers are upgrading their infrastructure as the demand for 5G networks is steadily increasing. This ultra-fast speed is achieved by using a different radio frequency to that of the 4G network. In addition, its reliability and responsiveness have greatly improved due to the much broader bandwidth.

Where to Get 4G LTE or 5G Home Internet?

Getting home mobile wireless internet service is one of the easiest decisions you will ever have to make in your life. Town Broadband and their 24/7 customer support service are ready and waiting to guide you to a plan that suits your lifestyle and budget. We assure you that with our unlimited internet access plans based on the very latest in technology backed by the largest network providers in America, award winning Verizon and T- Mobile, any selection you chose, you are already ahead of the game!!

Check out our website’s WIFI hotspot plans page, review the affordable WIFI hotspots on our devices page or call us to discuss your needs, sign up for an account and let us take you to a world where the latest in cutting edge technology enhances your everyday life.


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